Like A Phoenix Rising

Hi!  A few months ago, the hosting on my website expired.  I kept putting off the renewal, then finally was unable to afford it, and lost everything.  After blogging since 2010 and maintaining a domain name since 2013, that hurt a lot.

But, thanks to my wife’s awesome Christmas gift, is back in business.  Over the coming weeks I’ll be restoring some of my old blog posts from Quiet, Dignity, and Grace.  I have a lot of great old posts to restore, featuring, of course, writing about the Theology of the Body, Catholic Biblical interpretation, the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage, a whole ton of stuff about Humanae Vitae, and my favorite: looking for seeds of the word in tv shows and movies.  Plus, at least a few book reviews.

I’ll also be adding email subscription features and a bunch of other bells and whistles.  I don’t want to wait until I have everything squared away before I get back online, though.  So, welcome back to any of my friends and old readers, and if you’re new here, there’s not much to see just yet.  But you can check out some of my writing at other websites, take a look at my academic work, and, perhaps most importantly, be waiting in suspense for new content.

Thanks again to Elena for getting my domain name back, and I look forward to getting back to blogging here.



1 thought on “Like A Phoenix Rising

  1. Sister Christiana Marie, SMMC Reply

    I just found your blog (I followed the bread crumbs from the Neumann website as I wanted to check out the person leading the Fatima retreat) from an FSU alumna to a current student, I hope you are enjoying Tally and I pray that I am able to make your retreat. Nevertheless I am praying for you and those who will attend and I pray that your blog posts get restored. I’m also looking forward to your book!

    Many blessings

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